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Feeling cold? Make some friends!

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A study conducted by The University of Toronto found that there was a distinct correlation between how someone perceived body temperature and if they felt excluded from a group or not. Test subjects were made to feel included or excluded then asked to gauge the temperature or choose from an array of hot and cold foods/drink. The group that was excluded estimated that the temperature was very cold and they also choose warmer foods like soup whereas the included group felt the temperature was hot and chose things like an apple. Dr Lesley Prince, a lecturer in psychology at Birmingham University, said: “This is very interesting, and shows there are physiological correlates to emotions.” Link!


Sarah Palin Doesn’t Care About Native People

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Vice Presidential candidate Palin loves to say how her husband is mixed with Yup’ik Eskimo (1/4), but to a lot of Native’s in Alaska, they see it as just another timed move to possibly show herself in a better light for voters. To them, Palin has done more wrong towards the native community than right like preferring sport hunting rights over tribal sovereignty. Link!

(Palin is another example of the logic: Just because someone is dating/married/sleeping with a person not-like-themselves race/ethnic-wise doesn’t make them non-racist and/or non-prejudiced).


Andrew Zimmern Visits Samoa

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Andrew Zimmern, from one of my favorite shows “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel, will be making a stop in Samoa for tonights episode so I’ll definitely be watching. It’s a good thing he has an adverturous spirit because I would never eat 99.99% of what he has. Some people can’t stomach the food being shown, but I find Zimmern’s display of his voracious appetite in his host country to be more disturbing. Here you have folks from third world countries making him a feast that took them a while to make and prepare and he just dives into it all the while talking with his mouth full. UGH! Link!


Britain’s Secret Underground City

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Under the code name “Burlington”, this massive underground city (measuring a kilometer in length and containing about 60 miles of road) was built in the late 1950’s in case of a nuclear strike. It had the technology and resources to house 4,000 government personnel for three months, but the complex was never used (notice the new yet unwrapped chairs). Link!


Cadbury Chocolate Recalled

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The famous British chocolate is now being recalled due to milk being contaminated with the chemical melamine in its Chinese factories. The controversy with milk began earlier this month when thousands of babies in China began developing kidney stones and becoming very sick. Four children have since died. Why would someone do this? The answer: money. Some idiots thought it would be a brilliant idea to water down the milk they’d been paid to produce and add melamine, which is rich in nitrogen, to trick quality tests for protein. Link!


Egyptian Prisoners Allowed Take-Out

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Prison officials have stated that they will now allow prisoners to order food from any restaurant and having it delivered. This came after authorities tried it for the first time when prisoners came off of their fast due to the Muslim tradition of Ramadan. Prisoners pay for the meals themselves with kebabs and pizza being the most popular fare. Link!


Monday Cuteness! (The Cuppy Cake Song)

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Ugh, it’s Monday, but who can’t at least put a smile on their face after hearing The Cuppy Cake song?