Orangina Ad Causes A Stir In The U.K.

The makers of the soft-drink Orangina have no comment about the recent controversy surrounding their recent commercials, which depicts computer animated animals in sexually charged themes like female flamingos pole dancing or bunny rabbits having the carbonated soda burst onto their breasts, in the U.K. The Advertising Standards Authority has received 147 complaints since the commercial hit the British airwaves this month despite it being a huge hit in France where it originally aired. Link! via The Independent

Well, at least the Brits got to see it on television. This commercial wouldn’t have made it passed the FCC screening room here in the U.S. I think the animation is good, but there obviously is a lot of sexual imagery throughout. Whoever came up with this idea must have a furries fetish. See for yourself below.


2 Responses to “Orangina Ad Causes A Stir In The U.K.”

  1. calvininjax Says:

    Couldn’t agree more that it would never have made to screens in the USA. The TV ads in America are so bland compared to those that air in Britain and the rest of Europe.

    Vive la difference, as the French would say.

  2. Yes, the Europeans have it made when it comes to advertising 🙂

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