Obese In Alabama? Get Ready For A Fat-Tax

Starting next year, all state employees in Alabama will be required to undergo medical examinations which will test for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. A person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) will also be evaluated. If an employee is considered obese and doesn’t take the necessary steps to lose weight, they face being charged an extra $25 for health insurance beginning January 2011. Some medical experts see it as penalizing those who may be genetically “predisposed to weight or cholesterol problems”. Link! via LA Times


3 Responses to “Obese In Alabama? Get Ready For A Fat-Tax”

  1. Well, that would be one of the way to lose fat.. 😉 keep pressuring some people.. 😉 But i think that’s not the best idea..

  2. I know, right? 🙂 Negative reinforcement is usually the wrong way to go. They should instead see the big picture and try to incorporate a healthier way of thinking into their employees lives. The extra pressure plus the higher fee could lead to depression which could lead to eating more and being stagnant. It’s a lose lose with what the state is proposing.

  3. B.M.I or body mass index (height / weight) is a primary component of medically underwritten or individual plans. A declination or rate up can happen.


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    Smart Health Insurance Inc.
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